Q: Where are you based?
A: We are based in Hertfordshire.

Q: Can you do workshops outside the area where you live?
A: As long as travel costs are met we can do a workshop anywhere.

Q: What age group are the workshops for?
A: Any age from five upward, although we prefer to teach kids from ages 11 – 16, as this is when they learn the skills most easily. We teach adults and even grannies too!

Q: Can any one have a go?
A: Of course! The more people who experience circus skills the better!

Q: How many people are the workshops for?
A: We like to teach groups of up to thirty people as this gives a student:teacher ratio of 15:1, which is what we recommend. Additional supervision from adults who know the group is always welcome. For our ‘have-a-go’ workshops we can accommodate up to a hundred people.  

Q: Is there a minimum / maximum number of people who can attend a workshop?
A: No not really. The fewer the number of people, the more one to one teaching you get. If the group is very large we can supply extra teachers.

Q: How much workshop space do you require?
A: The bigger the better! We will need a large sized room such as a sports hall or gym, or even two rooms since we split the group in half. Fifteen hula-hooping nutters take up quite a lot of space! The room needs to be clear of tables and chairs or anything that could be tripped over. If the weather permits a large outdoor space such as playground or playing field is ideal.

Q: Do you offer any other circus equipment or skills?
A: We offer aerial workshops in trapeze and silks although these have special requirements (see aerial workshops). We also offer magic workshops and many other specialised circus skills, please contact us if there is something specific you require.

Q: What should I wear for the workshop?
A: Comfortable clothing and shoes such as tracksuit bottoms, a T-shirt and trainers.  Barefoot is acceptable for indoor workshops. We wouldn’t advise wearing a skirt as it can get embarrassing in the acrobalance or aerial classes as we will be going upside down! Please no jewellery as this can cause injuries and definitely no high heels! .

Q: Can I still do the workshop even though I have an injury?
A: That depends on what and how bad the injury is but we would probably advise that you should watch, as the workshops can be fairly physical, and join in only the less demanding sections.

Q: What happens if it is raining?
A: We cannot do workshops in the rain or adverse weather conditions so please make sure you have an alternative indoor venue in the event of bad weather. If the weather is good we prefer to work outdoors.

Q: Do you require anything?
A: No not really. We bring all the equipment we need. It is always helpful if you can provide a parking space near to the venue. We need someone to be there when we arrive to show us where we will be working. If you are booking a show we are grateful for use of changing facilities but these are not essential as we can always use our van.

Q: Are you insured to teach?
A: All instructors hold Public Liability Insurance and have been CRB checked. At least one instructor at the workshop will hold a current First Aiders Certificate.

Q: How much does a workshop cost?
A: The price depends on which workshop format you book, how far we have to travel and which equipment we use. Please contact us and we can negotiate a price to suit your requirements.

Q: What is the booking procedure?
A: When you book us you will be asked to sign a simple contract which clearly states the workshop or performance dates, times and the name and type of workshop or act you have engaged. Please read our contract terms and conditions which include straightforward cancellation clauses.

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: We ask for full payment on the day by bank transfer, or by cheque (made payable to ‘21st century clown’). We will provide you with an invoice for the work done.