"People don't stop playing because they get old, they get old because they stop playing"   George Bernard Shaw

Whether it’s a circus fun day, special occasion or corporate event, or whether you are a school or youth group, 21st Century Clown can provide all you need for an action-packed, fun filled circus learning experience. At one of our workshops you will
- try things you never imagined you would try,
- achieve things you never thought you could achieve and
- learn things you will never forget.
Circus skills are great for people of all ages, especially kids, and provide great many benefits to the body and mind in the following ways:
- PHYSICAL BENEFITS such as improved fitness, strength, flexibility, greater balance, rhythm, spatial awareness, dexterity, reflexes and co-ordination.
- MENTAL BENEFITS ranging from improved hand to eye co-ordination, concentration, memory and patience.
- EMOTIONAL BENEFITS such as improved confidence, self-esteem and a sense of empowerment as new challenges are overcome.
- SOCIAL SKILLS are gained such as communication, trust and co-operation as stronger mutual support and respect for each other is learnt.
- GREAT STIMULUS for creativity in the performing arts.
- GREATER HAPPINESS because most of all they are incredibly fun to do.

Learning takes place much more quickly when we are having fun. Perseverance and patience is what it takes to learn a skill yet people are amazed at how quickly they find themselves learning the circus skills. We believe this is down to the amount of fun they have. There is never a dull moment at a 21st Century Clown workshop!
We offer a wide range of skills including:
Juggling, diabolo, devil stick, slack rope, hula-hoop, poi spinning, staff twirling, hat manipulation and acrobalance. Also the aerial skills of trapeze and silks, however these need special requirements (see aerial workshops) and magic.

With many years teaching experience, full public liability insurance, CRB checks and first aid certificates we can assure you that your group is in safe, capable hands. We can also provide you with a risk assessment if needed.

Please refer to our FAQ’s page for any questions you might have regard our workshops or feel free to contact us at any time.

We teach ages of five upwards. Ideal group size is thirty.

Our workshops are available in a variety of formats to suit your requirements as follows:


Structured teaching starting with a group warm up, game and demonstrations of the skills to be learnt (approx. 15 mins).
Followed by the skills section where we start with acrobalance and include trust exercises and teambuilding work. We then either (a) whizz through all the skills (giving a very basic knowledge of them all but not enough time to really start learning them) or (b) concentrate on just two skills so that we can learn a bit more about them.
Rod teaches juggling, diabolo and devil stick. Astra teaches hula-hoop, poi-spinning and hat manipulation (approx. 90 mins).
We end with a short bit of feedback time, present certificates and finally finish with ‘Showtime’ where we perform one of our cabaret acts so that the group can get a feel for how the skills can be turned into a form of entertainment (approx. 15 mins).
Ideal as an introductory workshop and after school activity.


These are workshops where all the equipment is laid out on the floor and you come along and pick up whatever toy or toys take your fancy and play with them while we are there to help and instruct when you need it. Ideal for festivals, fetes or circus fundays where it’s all a bit more freeform.


Structured teaching lasting all day.
Intro section (15 mins) Warm-up, games and demos.
Teaching section (1 hour) Acrobalance.
Lunch (1 hour)
Teaching section (1 hour) 2 skills, half hour on each.
Break (15 mins)
Teaching section (1 hour) 2 skills, half hour on each.
Break (15 mins)
‘You show us’ section – optional (1 hour). If the focus is to be more on performing, as opposed to learning skills, we get the kids to work in small groups (or individually) on a short routine and then get them to show us what they have learnt. This gets them used to the idea of performing in front of people.
Finishing section (15 mins). Short bit of feedback time and present certificates. We then end with ‘Showtime’ where we perform one of our cabaret acts to show how the skills can be turned into a form of entertainment.
Ideal if you want to really experience what circus skills are about.


We teach a set of 30 kids for one hour and then move on and teach another set of 30 kids for one hour and so on. This means 150 kids get the chance to learn circus skills. The circus class would consist of 20 mins acrobalance, and either (a) 20 mins each on two  skills or (b) 10 mins each on four skills, depending on what you would prefer.
This is ideal for schools who can arrange a ‘circus day’ or for very large groups.


These are similar to the circus marathons but consist of 5 days of progressive teaching. This provides a more in depth learning of the circus skills with plenty of time to practice.
We focus on developing the ‘you show us section’ so that the group starts to work out their own routines, nurturing them into budding circus performers.
We perform a different cabaret act each day to show how the skills can be turned into a form of entertainment.
On the last day we get the group to do a show for us, as we expect that they will have mastered the skills enough to present a short routine each.
Ideal for groups who want to really master the skills and learn how to perform.


Here we run a programme of daily workshops 5 hours per day, 5 days per week over a period of 2 - 4 weeks culminating in an exciting finale show performed by the group.
Typical format would be similar to the circus marathon however we would spend an hour learning the skills instead of half an hour and have the ‘you show us section’ at the end of the week. We would develop the ‘you show us’ section by setting new tasks for them to perform.
The last week would be spent preparing for the finale show. Here we teach performance-based skills (such as: the importance of choosing music, basics of choreography, character work, developing a style and group charivari work) and work one-on-one with individuals to help turn their skills into a routine or act.
On the last day we get everyone involved in presenting the show to include a performance from everybody who wants to do one and a group charivari so that all are included. We provide backdrops, a sound system and host the show. Parents and community to be invited along! This is a great confidence builder as it gives the children the opportunity to shine and show off their newly learned skills.
This is ideal for those who want the whole circus learning experience. Usually occurs during summer holidays.


We offer workshops in the aerial arts including static solo and doubles trapeze, hoop, corde lisse and silks.
For this we require a venue with a rigging beam of minimum 6m height (8m preferable) with a load capacity of 1 tonne.
Ideal as part of strength building and weight loss programme or simply  for all those monkey people out there!


Rod teaches an assortment of magic  including simple card tricks, amazing sleight of hand, incredible rope tricks and much more so that you will be able to go home and totally wow your friends and family.
Ideal for birthday parties and special occasions.


You tell us what you want to make, we come and show you how. We bring all the necessary materials.
The equipment that is possible to make includes: hula-hoops, poi, juggling balls, staff and devil stick.
Ideal as an add on to a workshop so that you can make your own toys.