SHAKEN NOT STIRRED         (cabaret show)


3 shots tequila
1 sexy waitress
1 cocktail barman
2 measures of acrobalance
3 measures of juggling antics
5 spoons of slapstick comedy
And add a dash of magic and mayhem


Take a typical bar scene. Then meet Harvey Wallbanger  and Ruby Fizz. Combine high energy acrobatics with juggling and hat tricks, stir in some magic and mayhem, add lashings of slapstick and a twist of stupidity. Mix well and pour and you have shaken not stirred...
25 minutes (see gallery, row 1 for more pics)
EMERGENCY             (street show)

Delivering circus cabaret to the street - the hardest stage in the world.

Danger, quick wit, high level juggling and acrobatics all in a classical circle style street show. Tried and tested throughout Europe, these shows have entertained thousands of people. Shows can be performed in two languages, English or Spanish.
25 - 45 minutes
                       CABARET ACTS AVAILABLE

HELLO HELLO        (doubles floor act)

A cheeky cabaret number combining acrobalance, juggling, hat manipulation and slapstick comedy.
5 minutes
RED ROOM            (doubles floor act)

A slick and stylish synchronized hat and cane routine with an amazing magical twist.
4 minutes
WE BELIEVE         (doubles aerial act)

A slapstick doubles trapeze routine. These characters use danger and daring with comedy and charisma as they take to the air.
6 minutes
SWING SET           (doubles floor act)

High energy hat manipulation and acrobatic routine full of jive flavour, lots of feel good factor and usual comical antics. Sure to capture all audiences.
5 minutes
BE MY VALENTINE     (solo aerial act)

Miss Kiss takes to the air in her electric love heart. Full of elegance and charm she can delight any audience.
5 minutes
PINK PANTHER        (solo floor act)

Stylish and captivating stage magic with highly skilled club or ball juggling routine from Mr Jones.
5 minutes
MESSIN' WITH FIRE     (solo aerial act)

Miss Kiss in a burlesque style aerial silks act. With seductive charm she is guaranteed to have you under her spell.
5 minutes
THE MAD HATTER       (solo floor act)

Fast and funny hat manipulation from Mr Jones. Not just one hat but two or even three !   Can be combined with magical illusions.
5 minutes